Transport & Logistics

Transport and logistics, from airlines to road transport, involves a significant amount of data along the supply chain. This may include customer (buyer & supplier data), assets / vehicles, individual goods and all the associated location and financial data. Given often a time based delivery of customers and goods, speed and accuracy of information is also essential for an efficient and successful operation.

With data typically residing in different systems across the organisation, EACIIT offers the ability to quickly integrate, blend and analyse data that sits within both internal and external sources. Advanced business operational and forecast models can be developed quickly by business users ensuring the most up to date and accurate operational picture and tracking performance on a near real time basis.

Having a complete picture of business operations through a centralised management information dashboard significantly improves speed, depth and breadth of past, current and forecast operational performance. Communications between teams and response time on issues and opportunities is much improved and necessary decisions can be quickly supported with reliable data intelligence.



ASEAN Logistics Service Provider

Data Insights Challenge

Customer is saddled by performance of reports and inability to expand their analytics leveraging years of GPS data collected. Currently, the LSP were constrained to store and analyse 3 months of data only due to limitations of traditional SQL databases and reporting tools.

EACIIT Data Platform Solution

Within weeks, EACIIT migrated their current SQL database to Hadoop and NoSQL and recreated their reports on EACIIT’s analytics platforms. The LSP can now query 2 million records in less than 3 seconds on the cloud. This opens up the possibility to analyse 5 – 7 years of data and expand into predictive analytics.

Demonstrated Benefits

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