The global telecoms industry landscape is changing faster than ever


Analytics and virtualization are the top innovation drivers , but legacy IT and a lack of skills are acting as brakes.

Telecommunications industry is facing dropping ARPUs (average revenue per unit), changing subscriber usage mix and higher network costs. In a highly competitive environment, customer churn, monetising data services and keeping subscriber connected becomes key challenges to ensure high return on investment on the network, which is the largest component on the balance sheet.

Analytics and virtualization are the top innovation drivers , but legacy IT and a lack of skills are acting as brakes.


Product complexity

The complexity of existing products and processes make it difficult to personalize experiences to meet individual customer needs

EACIIT Solution

Single Truth Data Layer + 360 customer view

Collating all data from different data sources and bring it together into a single data layer from where all analytics and visualisation can be created and a 360 customer view can be established.


Single Truth Data Layer + 360 customer view

One single data layer where all data from all different sources is collected and integrated. Overarching logic layer above the data layer to achieve strategy and optimize performance all functions within the Organization and a real time 360 customer view.

Estimated cost


A full review of the project, systems and processes will need to be done before any estimates can be given. 

Alternative Solutions

Multiple software systems required

Extensive software system updates that need to be complimented with an additional data integration platform and a separate analytics software. Not one full system comparable.

This is just one of many EACIIT solutions!

The EACIIT platform is able to mesh multiple datasets, pre-processed (e.g. network analytics), raw transactional ERP and maintenance data to quickly model financial scenarios and what-if analysis. Workflow and collaboration modules within the EACIIT platform’s solution bring the separate entities a single financial view of their operations and assets.

By infusing network analytics with transactional data, the EACIIT platform is able to help service providers view their network through a financial lens. By developing multiple what-if scenarios, the EACIIT platform helps telecommunication companies to prioritise investments, schedule upgrades and introduce product mix to maximise cash flow and return on investment.

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