Your Digital Journey Is About To Take Off


No need to re-invent the wheel, we have your blueprint ready to go

Start-ups are always seen as the disrupters that create and build all their own IT infrastructure as everything they do is a new innovation which has never been seen or done before.

The truth is actually different. Many start-ups have an idea, a plan and a vision of what they want to achieve but need an agile and robust IT structure to build upon.

To build the whole system from scratch will take time, resources and money. Having access to a CTO as a service with an agile IT structure that can combine different data sources, run analytics, AI, machine learning and human learning and create high quality visualisations of the data would be a major advantage. The speed to market and creation of the MVP would be increased and the creation of revenue would happen faster.

No need to re-invent the wheel, we have your blueprint ready to go


Limited IT capabilities, budget and resources

Start-ups generally have a great idea but tend to lack the IT capabilities and resources to build their own infrastructure and systems

EACIIT Solution

CTO as a service and access to our development team

EACIIT becomes your CTO. We work with the start-up team to develop the entire IT system and build the required platform using our extensive existing platform.


High speed delivery of MVP

EACIIT can build a prototype and MVP in record time which allows the Start-up to utilize this for fund raising and marketing purposes. High speed to market using and   experienced and highly skilled delivery team.

Estimated cost

Strat-up in the financial security segment

Monthly retainer based on the size of the team required for the project with an agreement to allow you to buy the platform IP if so required.

Alternative Solutions

Expanding your own team or use off the shelve products

You can hire an extensive team of developers, project engineers and a CTO to build the entire system from scratch yourself (time consuming and expensive). Use of off the shelve software and create a system based on that software.

EACIIT can save you Time and Money!

With our team of developers and highly skilled project managers EACIIT can be your CTO and help you to bring your idea to reality much faster at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own team. The agility of the EACIIT platform allows us to create systems and platforms that suit your needs at lightning speed.

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