Understanding and predicting buyer behaviour becomes essential


Retail foot traffic in stores has been, and continues to be, on a downward

The retail challenge continues in competing for every available dollar of scarce consumer income. Online shopping is also changing the way in which consumers buy and transact driving physical stores & suppliers to have to streamline operations and present unique differentiation to remain financially viable.

Retail foot traffic in stores has been, and continues to be, on a downward


Guaranteeing cross-channel cohesion

Multiple cross-channel interactions between customers and a brand can create a tracking nightmare, so in order to ensure cohesive actions with a customer, all  interactions and information must be centralized and easily accessible by marketing and sales teams.

EACIIT Solution

Single view of Customer and Products

Single view of customer and products across all channels and social media. Integrated customer and performance database for all users – internal and external.
Market and customer segmentation, insights to optimize strategy and tactics


Customer and products 360 view

Overarching logic layer above all current applications to achieve strategy and optimize performance all functions within the Organization.

 Sophisticated visualization, customized decision trees and pre-defined solutions. More than 135 million combinations of SKU and outlet analysed. Online and pdf reports   showing growth, price and volume analysis by channel, account and brand created to review performance on an ongoing basis and amend strategy

Estimated cost

Medium to large Manufacturing and retail company

Starting from 150,000 SGD development cost with a 10 week prototyping period and another 2 weeks to productionize.

Alternative Solutions

Multiple systems required

Extensive ERP system that needs to be complimented with an additional data integration platform and a separate analytics software. Not one full system comparable.

This is just one of many EACIIT solutions!

EACIIT offers advanced big data analytics solutions for both customer buyer behaviour insights as well as operational / inventory optimisation. Revenue, costs, activities and inventory data can be quickly integrated and analysed to provide accurate and timely management insights. The EACIIT Platform enables accurate predictions on matching of inventory and services to specific customer needs.

Having the customer, financial, operational and inventory data integrated into one platform enables accurate and reliable assessment of past individual and locational performance and activity drivers. Adding further relevant external unstructured data eg. social media, enables a comprehensive view and predictive model to be developed on future issues, opportunities and actions.

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