Transforming user experience in decision making, collaboration and strategy formulation.


Transforming user experience in decision making, collaboration and strategy formulation.


Cost , Assets & Productivity Optimisation

Quickly capture, compare, analyse and benchmark prices, purchase, asset and resource performance across business units, locations, equipment, resources down to individual component parts.

Explore, correlate and map internal costs performance with a much wider range of possible causal effect drivers (eg. Weather, Temperature, Road Traffic, Vegetation, External Suppliers). Optimise inventory and working capital with accelerated (near real time) position reporting across the supply chain. Quickly run what-if and sensitivity analysis, share and collaborate with other colleagues.


Earnings & Cash Flow Improvement

Apply advanced statistical analytics on a wide variety of input performance variables to clearly understand highest revenue performance correlation drivers.

Integrate real time internal BAU performance reporting with strategic and project initiatives in one data platform to monitor and assess real returns on resource and capital investments.

Develop near real time “single source of truth” executive reporting dashboards with user specific analytics, real time feedback and collaboration functionality.


Customer Behaviour & Experience

Deeper, broader, more insightful “Single Customer View” bringing in both structured and instructed, internal and external data into one source for review and action.

Compare transactional patterns to expected norms to look for changes in behaviours and future predictive actions.

Improve speed of insight to action to take analytics from the desktop to the most appropriate customer contact channel and device.


Process & Quality Automation

Analyse, report and manage data quality as soon as source files are available to reduce downstream errors and rework costs. Real time cross comparison with defined parameters.

Automate workflows & standardise analytics with data transfer between EACIIT and other source applications to reduce manual input time, costs and error rates.

Integrate more quickly and effectively with digital channels to take insights into immediate action, improve sales conversion rates and reduced costs of acquisition.


Risk, Compliance & Security Management

Significantly expand input data sources and data sets to improve predictive accuracy and confidence levels on risk modelling at portfolio and individual levels.

Create real time alerts on transactional and/or operational activity from a wide variety of data sources where results exceed user defined tolerance reporting levels.

Centralise critical reporting into a single data application to ensure consistency of data terms, formulas, calculations, algorithms and quality for downstream output reports.

Move to the future. Transform your Enterprise with Big Data Technologies.

Bring together your Market Data, Customer Data, Financial Data, Operational Data, Social Media Data, Machine Data, Internet of things Data into one platform to create powerful new analytics & insights.

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