Oil & Gas

Facing continued challenges with commodity price suppression, reduction in workforce and capital constraints, we recognise the need to be able to act to act quickly and smartly across significant amounts of data input in responding to these ever changing dynamics. Information and actions required on individual parts to sites to regions to the whole organisation.

The EACIIT ENGINE™ is able to quickly integrate key data from multiple sites and systems and apply advanced analytics across very large data sets at near real time speed with greatly reduced error rates. Outputs can then be a process automated and/or visualised for further review , input and analysis. Our platform is agile and flexible, always ready to answer the next question.

With immediate access within one platform to key data across the organisation, the cost, risk and time on decision making is significantly reduced whilst quality is increased. All this being achievable at a fraction of the typical time and cost of core systems. Data can be reported and reviewed in parallel for both actual results and scenario comparison.



US Oil & Gas Company

Data Insights Challenge

Falling oil prices meant that data across various systems for key decision making needed to be significantly enhanced in terms of speed of extraction, analysis and management visibility.

EACIIT Data Platform Solution

A centralised management information dashboard was developed in 4 weeks and rolled out to global users in 8 weeks. The EACIIT Platform consolidated actual and key forward estimates enabling automated reporting, and included complex analytics and live collaboration to be able to give the client the requested comparison of multiple data sources for critical decisions.

Demonstrated ROI Benefits

Performance improvement platform that exceeded target expectations, capturing savings over USD $500M in 2015

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