Digitalization Is Changing the Future of Manufacturing


If your current systems are holding you back, it’s time to re-evaluate your technology partnerships and what they have to offer.

Rising costs, increasing complexity and competition have pushed manufacturing companies’ profit margins to its’ lowest levels today. Cost of quality and components have never become more important and extracting insights into operational efficiencies is key to profitability.

Digitization gives an instant boost to productivity, allowing projects to move faster and manufacturers to hit more aggressive deadlines. Manufacturers will be able to rapidly move from design to floor and back again as changes come through from the engineering team. 

The Industrial Internet of Things can process a total product data loop. Machines are loaded with sensors when they’re built. Those sensors provide continuous feedback throughout the manufacturing supply chain. In response to real-world data about things like maintenance requirements and wear and tear, the manufacturing process can be refined.

If your current systems are holding you back, it’s time to re-evaluate your technology partnerships and what they have to offer.


Optimisation of manufacturing process tied to market​

Stalled growth after doubling the business in prior years. No grip on margins and no new ideas to tackle the market

EACIIT Solution

Single view of market need and production of products​

Integrated database across manufacturing process, ERP, CRM, Social Media, Web Interfaces and any other datasets. Integrated customer and performance database for all users – internal and external. Market and customer segmentation, insights to optimize strategy and tactics.


Manufacturing process and market 360 view​

Overarching logic layer above all current applications to achieve strategy and optimize performance all functions within the Organization.Sophisticated visualization, customized decision trees and pre-defined solutions. More than 135 million combinations of SKU and outlet analysed. Online and pdf reports showing growth, price and volume analysis by channel, account and brand created to review performance on an ongoing basis and amend strategy

Estimated cost

Medium to large Manufacturing and retail company​

Starting from 150,000 SGD development cost with a 10 week prototyping period and another 2 weeks to productionize. 

Alternative Solutions

Multiple systems required​

Extensive ERP system that needs to be complimented with an additional data integration platform and a separate analytics software. Not one full system comparable.

This is only one of many EACIIT solutions!

EACIIT’s ability to analyse IOT data and develop a model around the effectiveness of assets and operations helps manufacturers understand and derive insights not available previously in other business analytics solutions. In addition to analysing data from the sensors, the EACIIT ENGINE™ is able to analyse correlations and develop a financial insight into the world of IOT.

Improving asset effectiveness, production efficiency and lot profitability are some of the key benefits manufacturers realised through the power of the platform. The ability to view operational and IOT data with a financial view helps executive make better decisions.

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