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From Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Banking, Private Equity and more, EACIIT has expertise in building performance improvement solutions for a wide range of industries. We leverage our years of expertise, high-impact product and full-service platform to construct powerful, customised solutions that reflect your unique KPIs, business drivers and processes. Our goal is to create easy-to-deploy, high-value solutions that deliver your business ambition with speed, scale and agility.

Oil and Gas

  • High Impact Solutions across all Segments
  • Efficient planning and forecasting 
  • Reduce downtime and cost of upstream activities
  • Linkage between Operational, Field and Financial performance
  • Optimize requirements, resources and supply chain with improvement in profitability and reduction in working capital 
  • Maximize segment and channel profitability 

Renewable Energy

  • IOT solutions to reduce asset downtime and losses 
  • Digital solutions for construction and project management 


Banking and Financial Services

  • Integrating customer, product, risk and profit performance to provide a balanced view of growth
  • Improve capital efficiency and ROI of projects and initiatives 

Private Equity

  • Accelerate and improve free cash flow returns from operating companies
  • Full range of analytics and dashboards to manage fund performance and reporting 


EACIIT solutions are industry agnostic. While Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Banking & Financial Services and Private Equity are sectors we specialize in, we have built solutions for several other industries as well. Retail, construction, manufacturing, human resources, aviation are some such industries. Do contact us if you are looking for a specific solution for your industry.

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Do contact us if you’re looking for a specific solution for your industry.

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