We take the time to get to know your company!

97% of organizations are currently undertaking or planning to undertake digital transformation initiatives, but the vast majority say only a small proportion of their applications are integrated with each other. Besides that, most companies have heavily invested in expensive systems which need regular, costly updates. Replacing those system means new investment and another system that can easily be outdated in another 5 years.

EACIIT works differently.

EACIIT provides companies with an opportunity to digitalize their business by delivering a data integration platform in combination with powerful analytics and human centric visualisation. This platform  provides new ways to visualise, work with, and collaborate on business drivers  within a single application, in real time with advanced analytics across your entire business.

We can connect all your legacy systems, new to buy systems or your still to develop systems with our powerful platform to  effortlessly pull in all generated data from the past, present and future, and visualise this into a single truth dashboard. 

Our system doesn’t require you to keep your current legacy systems up to date which will save you a considerable amount of money.

We build what you need, based on your companies requirements,  for an off the shelf price. We believe in custom made solutions that are affordable with speed to market.

Grow your business through a step by step digital strategy that fits your company

Our Evaluation Process

During a 5 days period an EACIIT  project manager will take the time to visit your company multiple times, and discuss with you the current  systems in place, known problems and bottlenecks, your frustrations and how your ideal situation would look like.

This way we will gain a deep insight in where you currently are in the process and what steps will be necessary to bring you to the next level. We always look which steps will have the most impact on your bottom line.

After that period we will make the evaluation based on your current situation. We will make an appointment to present you with our recommendations based on what EACIIT can do for your company. The recommendation will also include a proposal part.



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