The digital revolution is coming to the power industry.


EACIIT offers a range of solutions to the diverse data management needs of the Energy & Utilities sector.

Energy and Utilities introduces a broad range of business requirements from management of source generation and transmission through to end retail customer needs and expectations. With increasing competition for end customers and productivity and reliability demands on wholesale providers, operational efficiency and customer services become increasingly important.

The energy sector is already using data in sophisticated ways to meet a wide range of challenges, from fault prediction in grid networks to the delivery of personalised energy to households and the indsutry is expected to go fully digital in the future.

EACIIT offers a range of solutions to the diverse data management needs of the Energy & Utilities sector.


Optimization Wind Farm performance

Underperformance of the wind farms in general and the turbines individually. High maintenance cost due to unplanned maintenance.

EACIIT Solution

Single Truth Data Layer + BI analytics

Cutting-edge wind farm monitoring and analytics system that allows to monitor all wind farms in one dashboard and even allows to drill down to a single turbine to monitor   its performance. A near real time condition monitoring system to reduce unplanned downtime and indication for preventive maintenance.


Real time performance and condition monitoring

Asset optimisation through various analysis and proactive actions minimising downtimes. Accessibility to reports anytime anywhere with just few clicks enhancing   information flow across departments. An overall performance improvement of 20% across the windfarms.

Estimated cost

Multiple wind farms across a large country

Starting from 125,000 SGD development cost with a 6 to 8 week prototyping period and another 4 weeks to productise.

Alternative Solutions

Some Health Care focused systems

Basic packages which need an IT team to implement and setup. Longer time to production with no clear view on implementation cost and no integration of legacy system.

This is just one of many EACIIT solutions!

EACIIT offers a range  of solutions to the diverse data management needs of the Energy & Utilities sector. From near real time data feeds on individual asset performance, scenario modelling for predictive maintenance to retail customer online billing analytics, what was simply not possible or requiring extensive systems project work is now available in a fraction of that time and cost.

The EACIIT Platform provides the ability to extract, integrate, map and analyse data from multiple existing systems, with different formats and structures without the typical cost, time and complexity of development on those core systems. Operational and financial performance can then be optimised using scenario analytics plus the ability to then track actual improvement initiatives also.

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