A New Way to See, Collaborate and Improve Performance across the Organization

Introduction to ECFM

ERP, BI and AI capabilities within a single application. Integration with internal and external apps, data sources

Proven methodology to track and deliver improvements in a fast paced and comprehensive manner
A digital approach that monitors target performance across all dimensions and deters inefficient use of cash

How ECFM works?

Customized Performance monitoring and Benchmarks
  • Linkage between KPIs, FCF and benchmarks
  • Activity profile to optimize sales and costs meaningfully
  • AI in budgets, forecasts and other key processes
Automated Reporting and Dashboards
  • Decisions based on FCF are more assured to grow value
  • Measuring performance that matters
  • Human centered design ensures timely responses
Collaboration, Ideation and Improvement Plans
  • Live chat for all stakeholders and key issues
  • Ideation and improvement actions to achieve key goals
  • Smarter scheduling of resources and constraints

Provides comprehensive visibility, collaboration, and responsiveness across the organization

Value Proposition

  • Uses Free Cash Flow benchmarks and digital collaboration to optimize business performance – current ERP and BI platforms do not provide this ability
  • Use of open-source technologies provides unlimited capability, speed of change and execution to our clients
  • Integrated Product, Service and Consulting approach ensures client benefits case is delivered

ECFM’s suite of products and services

Collaboration and Improvement Module

  • Deploy within weeks
  • Immediate visibility and benefits

Digital Solutions

  • Enhance your current BI with more data, customization and collaboration
  • Automate key processes to reduce manual effort, errors and long cycle times

Area of Impact

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EACIIT - the Right Partner

Why is EACIIT unique?

- Digital solution enabled by subject matter expertise and latest technologies
- Not provided by current ERP systems and BI platforms

How is EACIIT different?

- Fast time to market
- Unprecedented reduction in client effort
- Significant increase in business value

What is EACIIT’s approach?

- Client benefit case centric methodology
- APIs for seamless system and process automation
- Combines functional, technical and project management expertise

ECFM – Key Differentiators


Fastest time to incremental value from the business


Digital solution that provide scale, speed of execution and change


Single app to view and manage cash flows across the organization


Knowledge repository of best practices in improving cash flow performance across businesses, locations, assets and projects


Integrates seamlessly with all legacy systems and technologies


An essential tool for the CEO, CFO, Business and Functional Heads as they seek to collaborate and improve KPIs

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