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EACIIT solutions are being used by clients across the globe to drive real, quantifiable improvements in their organizations.
Explore some of our customer success stories to discover how EACIIT can help you enhance enterprise value.

EACIIT Provides International Bank Performance Visibility for New Initiatives across all Global Lines of Business, Functions and Locations

An international banking major, this EACIIT client wanted to assess the alignment and outcome of the initiatives being launched globally with respect to the strategic objectives of the bank.

EACIIT created a solution that gave the bank a new way to see, work and collaborate across a balanced set of metrics for all global lines of business, functions and locations. The metrics included projects and initiatives, impact to financial frameworks,
customer engagement, group productivity, risks & controls, relationship manager efficiency and deal pipeline.

An ecosystem containing all relevant data and process outputs with alerts, updates and simulation for forward views of performance was put in place enabling the bank to get. in-depth visibility into the impact of the initiatives. The client was able to achieve improved account planning, deal pipeline and conversion.

ECFM Generates $7 bn Impact for Oil & Gas Super Major

Faced with a declining commodity price environment, client was looking to significantly reduce its upstream spend other than from headcount reduction or supply chain renegotiation. EACIIT deployed its flagship product, ECFM, to create a benchmarking, collaboration and ideation performance improvement solution for reducing time and cost of upstream activities, generating an impact of more than $7 bn.

Automation and AI in planning, forecasting and reporting upstream activities ushered in unprecedented visibility across the spectrum of activities, and reduction in process lead times of over 80%

EACIIT Solution Enables Effective Strategy Formulation: FMCG Major achieves 20% EBITDA Improvement

Infusion of 20% growth rate in a mature market with mature products: This was the challenge faced by the consumer products global brand. EACIIT created a solution that integrated the client’s primary and secondary sales databases and enabled analysis of all sales at the SKU and outlet level across multiple dimensions and hierarchies.

The solution also provided activity-based cost allocations to analyze
profitability across channels, key accounts and brands was also. The improved
visibility and availability of actionable insights facilitated effective strategy
formulation. The company was able to drive 20% improvement in EBITDA margin

EACIIT Project Management Solution Improves Project IRR & Cash Flow for Renewable Energy Company

The client, a Renewable Energy company, with wind farms across India was seeking a project management solution that would help it manage multiple wind-farm projects through planning, commissioning and operations phase. It also needed IoT solutions to improve O&M efficiencies and reduce asset downtime.

 EACIIT built a comprehensive project management solution which could be implemented very quickly and cost-effectively by the client. It also developed solutions to improve efficiency and reduce asset downtime.

Efficient project management yielded enhanced cash flow and project IRR. The client saw a 20% improvement in PLF within 12 months of initial use. The Renewable Energy company was owned by a Private Equity fund. The EACIIT solution facilitated seamless due diligence during $1b+ exit for the PE company.

EACIIT Creates Unique Software Product For Oil & Gas Fintech Company

This Oil & Gas Fintech company approached EACIIT to create a product that would
provide its’ clients visibility on operational data of the assets under management
directly, easily. EACIIT developed a unique product that provided the Fintech’s clients unprecedented visibility and superior functionality in accessing qualitative
operational information of underlying assets.

EACIIT created an Assurance and Valuation Platform combining Private and Public data for all US oil and gas wells. The product provided geospatial and time-based analysis of production and financial data. Production decline forecasts for forward cash flows and asset valuation were also made available to participant entities. Customized alerts and actionable insights for participants were some of the enhanced functionalities offered to clients.

The final product that emerged equipped the Fintech with a significant competitive edge that enabled it to capture more clients.

Oil & Gas Global Service Provider Uses ECFM to Integrate Legacy ERPs, Make Financial Processes More Efficient

This Oil & Gas Global Service Provider wanted to adopt new growth oriented business models to reinvigorate the enterprise. However, the ERPs of the legacy businesses were not in sync with the Business Transformation model requirements. EACIIT used ECFM, its flagship product, to circumvent the need for creating new ERPs. 

ECFM enabled the client to integrate data from multiple legacy ERPs to provide a single General Ledger that met the new requirements. It combined financial &  
operational data and thus further enabled business transformation strategy. The highly automated and AI based EACIIT solution yielded remarkable improvement:

  • The financial consolidation process improved, the client achieved over 40% reduction in close time
  • The receivables management process improved, with significant reduction in overdue amount and DSO days
  • The planning, forecasting and reporting process to manage business impact  improved significantly too.
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