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EACIIT provides companies with an opportunity to digitalize their business by delivering a data integration platform in combination with powerful analytics, machine learning and human centric visualisation.

Our platform provides new ways to visualise, work with, and collaborate on business drivers within a single application, in real time with advanced analytics across your entire business. This translates to:

  • Shorter cash cycles, higher revenue, margin and ROI
  • Improvement via many more insights of performance
  • Real time monitoring of performance, improvement in early stage detection and response
  • Improved customer experience and management satisfaction

What does this mean for you?

As an example we take the information you get from Google Analytics for your website:

This example is only looking at a small part of your company data, your website.


As another example this is only looking at a small part of your company data, your social media marketing.

Now imagine you are able to get the same level of insights of ALL your company data!

This is exactly what the EACIIT platform can then give you. You will have comparable analytics via a custom dashboard allowing you to measure, rate and adjust all your company functions, not just your social media presence.

With the analytics provided you can measure, rate and adapt your sales and marketing strategy. You can gather information to adjust your campaigns, and even your products, to the market. It allows you to make decisions in an easier and well informed way, repeat successful marketing initiatives and, in the end, grow the business and become more profitable. 

Some examples of our dashboards

The information is provided via a custom-made dashboard and in a comparable format.

How does it work?

The EACIIT platform integrates easily and effectively with other leading Big Data solution providers providing you the essential application layer to integrate, analyse, visualise and apply your data insights and outputs.

We can connect all your legacy systems, new to buy systems or your still to develop systems with our powerful platform to  effortlessly pull in all generated data and visualise this into a single truth dashboard. 

Bring together your Market Data, Customer Data, Financial Data, Operational Data, Social Media Data, Machine Data, Internet of things Data into one dashboard. We generate a ‘Single Source of Truth’ (SSOT) to create powerful new analytics & insights.

See our main website for more technical details of EACIIT and the platform

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