Improve Business Performance

Use ECFM, the EACIIT flagship product, to benchmark performance, collaborate, and ideate across the organisation to drive results and maximize free cash flow.

Use the EACIIT Platform for
integrating data and AI to
reduce lead time and costs,
and increase effectiveness
of key processes and programs.

Explore how EACIIT
helps you create value

Everything You Need on One Application

No more toggling between systems! ECFM, a proven performance improvement platform, enables you to view all your data, assess performance, ideate, collaborate, coordinate and manage improvement initiatives through just one, single application. Work becomes simpler.

A Solution Customized Just For You

EACIIT solutions are completely configurable. Whatever your industry, focus area or size, solutions can be customized to reflect your unique KPIs, drivers and processes.


Key Focus Area

AI based Planning, Execution and Reporting Optimize requirements, resources and supply chain
Improve Profitability and Working Capital Ideation. Opportunity and Risk Management Proactive Operations and Maintenance



Our Products and Solutions are used in Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Banking and Private Equity amongst others

We Deliver Exceptional Value to Our Clients

Delivering Exceptional Value to Clients across the Globe

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