We build solutions for all your data needs & Opportunities

Meet our flexible, scalable “all in one” platform

We build solutions for all your data needs & Opportunities

Meet our flexible, scalable “all in one” platform



Bring together your Market Data, Customer Data, Financial Data, Operational Data, Social Media Data, Machine Data, Internet of things Data into one platform, the EACIIT ENGINE™,  to create powerful new analytics & insights.



EACIIT is one of very few global technology solution providers to have successfully integrated and delivered multiple data and BI management capabilities within one end to end platform. This saves significant cost and time with reduced complexity and risk.



The EACIIT ENGINE™ is designed to quickly and easily integrate with leading big data management, storage and access solutions.
That means less time on building your applications and more time on delivering operational outcomes!

The EACIIT Advantage

Outcome Focussed


We understand and focus on tangible business outcomes as much as the technology solutions – the EACIIT leadership and solution delivery team all coming from previous senior business / industry leadership roles across a range of industries, geographical regions and functional areas of expertise.

Fully Scalable


Our technology has been proven and adopted from Smaller Enterprises to Fortune 500 Global Companies, across a range of industries – transforming the way these companies now manage, use and apply data.

Leading Technologies

EACIIT’s own proprietary “full service stack” software platform continually stays up to date with the latest big data technologies (schema on write, in-memory management, NoSQL, indexation…) to ensure reliability, capability, scalability and speed for companies and applications of all sizes.

Faster Implementation

Our Agile design and delivery methodology (typically 6 week project sprints) reduces cost, risk and enhances returns through an ongoing pathway of incremental value add business projects. Avoiding big IT project risks & write-offs!

An Intelligent
Technology Platform.
Cost Effective.

What makes us standout


Open source

Low cost technologies that leverage your thinking and machine learning, always the latest and greatest for your use


Tailor made solutions

Enable strategic use of your data and processes to transform the performance of your business, creates solution IP which further adds to your enterprise value



The software continually adds functionality off the same platform, no need to buy multiple products


EACIIT experience

6 years track record with agile SDLC from rapid prototyping, human centered design, high value solutions to micro services deployment, DevOps release management and application support

Let us open a new world of data insights, efficiencies and opportunities for your organization