EACIIT - VERACODE Security Approved

EACIIT Application code was approved by Veracode (VL3 Level Security test), 26 April 2016

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The intelligent technology platform built to Enhance Enterprise Value

An end-to-end application solution that integrates big data technologies, smart analytics, domain-specific expertise and agile delivery.

Internet Technology. Advanced Capability. Enterprise Reliability.

The EACIIT Platform is designed to enhance and complement existing enterprise data management systems, overcoming the limitations of existing traditional data management, storage, access and BI technologies.

Get all the features, functionality and capabilities of multiple traditional Data Management, Analytics and BI tools – in one fully integrated platform.

The reality now is that the amount, speed and variety of data that exists is beyond the handling and processing capability for existing legacy technologies.  EACIIT is built on the latest internet technologies providing the ability to handle significantly larger amounts and variety of data at both much greater speed and lower cost.

EACIIT is designed to quickly and easily integrate with leading big data management, storage and access solutions.

That means less time on building your applications and more time on delivering operational outcomes!

The EACIIT Platform integrates easily and effectively with other leading Big Data solution providers providing you the essential application layer to integrate, analyse, visualise and apply your data insights and outputs.