…a bit more about EACIIT the company and our Team

EACIIT was founded in 2013 based on ideas generated in the 2004 Google white paper about Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters. The founders faced real business problems managing, analysing and usefully using large sets of data in a timely and organised manner.
Arief, the hard core coder enthusiast, then set about using Google principals to to develop the EACIIT ENGINE™ over 2 years and solved the business problems in real time which ultimately delivered exception shareholder valuations.

Since that time the EACIIT ENGINE™ has been deployed across a number of Fortune 500 companies in different verticals across the world and has been recognised as an industry leader for Fully Integrated End to End Big Data Streaming, Analytics, Workflow and Visualisation Platforms.

EACIIT has offices across 7 countries with a team of just over 50 people.

At the core of EACIIT’s value proposition is ROI. All our products and solutions must provide a Return on Investment for our Clients.

Founders & Executive Leadership Team

Navdeep Jain

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Based in: Singapore. Navdeep is a seasoned finance and business strategy professional with over 25 years of industry experience in senior management positions. He has been instrumental in securing large multi-year revenue contracts across the globe, and in turning around marginally performing businesses to significant levels of profitability. Navdeep has over 20 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry, having worked with Baker Hughes, Weatherford & Bumi Armada. He began his career as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG and EY, and specializes in harmonious compliance and earnings growth. Having lived & worked across the world in diverse business hubs – Dubai, India, Paris, Houston, Algeria, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Denver & Singapore – Navdeep brings a global perspective to EACIIT.

Arief Darmawan

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Based in: Surabaya, Indonesia. Arief is a passionate developer and has been involved from the early inception of EACIIT as an idea. He has spent many sleepless nights in building the EACIIT platform. Named as a 100 Top Future Programmer  in 2001, he has since been widely acknowledged in the developer community as a thought leader and is a regular blogger on technology trends and product reviews. Arief heads Product Development at EACIIT and brings with him over 15+ years of experience to the management team. He spent the last 5 years in the Oil & Gas industry working for companies such as Weatherford, Bumi Armada developing enterprise solutions. He was the key developer in applications which were the recipient of the Vice President’s award for Innovation for 2 successive years in 2009-10 at Weatherford (Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Service Company)

Namita Anand

Country Manager – India

Based in: Delhi. Namita, a knowledge transfer professional, comes to EACIIT with over twenty years of expertise in research, analysis, journalism, instructional design & content creation. Her skill set lies in understanding, defining and structuring large, diverse, often scattered sets of information.

Raulie Pederson

Co-founder, Oil & Gas Practice, USA

Based in: Houston, USA. Raulie has 27 years of Oilfield Service experience spanning multi disciplines and working all over the world.  He has spent time in Research and Development, Operations Management combined with 10 years of service in Latin America and Asia giving him a deep understanding of the Oil & Gas industry.