Client Case Studies Snapshot

Data Insights Challenge

EACIIT Data Platform Solution

US Oil & Gas Company

Falling oil prices meant that data across various systems for key decision making needed to be significantly enhanced in terms of speed of extraction, analysis and management visibility. A centralised management information dashboard was developed in 4 weeks and rolled out to global users in 8 weeks. The EACIIT Platform consolidated actual and key forward estimates enabling automated reporting, and included complex analytics and live collaboration to be able to give the client the requested comparison of multiple data sources for critical decisions.

Demonstrated ROI Benefits: Performance improvement platform that exceeded target expectations, capturing savings over USD $500M in 2015

Middle Eastern Energy Company

Client was seeking to improve Maintenance Repair and Operations across the business. Complex Operational Data resided on multiple different systems and was very difficult to cross relate and compare. A Value Based Management Model and Hypothesis Data Testing Application was developed in 4 weeks to onboard and quickly visualise data from multiple generation plants. Data quality checking was established for information being uploaded to ensure robustness for hypothesis tests.

Demonstrated ROI Benefits: Permitted asset value to be visible and transparent, resulting in over USD $100M of direct savings

Australian Institutional Bank

Client had sourced over 1Tb and 50 billion records of global trade and company data from various sources and was struggling to blend it together, analyse and visualise to meet end user requirements & expectations as part of global project. In 4 weeks we were able to onboard and catalogue all the data into a central cloud application. A comprehensive prototype dashboard was developed with all requested analytics to then be able to provide a global view in one platform of trade activity and sales opportunity analytics

ASEAN Logistics Service Provider

Customer is saddled by performance of reports and inability to expand their analytics leveraging years of GPS data collected. Currently, the LSP were constrained to store and analyse 3 months of data only due to limitations of traditional SQL databases and reporting tools. Within weeks, EACIIT migrated their current SQL database to Hadoop and NoSQL and recreated their reports on EACIIT’s analytics platforms. The LSP can now query 2 million records in less than 3 seconds on the cloud. This opens up the possibility to analyse 5 – 7 years of data and expand into predictive analytics.

Middle Eastern Low Cost Airline

Client was seeking to established a robust and reliable single view of customer including social media and information on subsidiary product sales such as car hire, travel and visas etc. associated with ticket sales Extracted, integrated and analysed over 12 million records including blending of unstructured social media data feeds. Single View Customer View Dashboard was created which enabled the client to resolve compliance issues as well as new business opportunity insights

Indian Pharmaceutical Group

Client wanted better visibility of their current AR position across the country and manage their clients through a credit risk management framework. The data at the back end was being sourced through multiple systems and excel sheets. Within weeks, EACIIT deployed a Credit Risk Management framework including a credit scoring mechanism to map all clients in a consistent manner nationwide. EACIIT rendered the entire solution on a dynamic geo map for easy visualisation of key clients/territories and current credit balances, purchases and inventory.