Big Data Streaming, Integration, Analytics, Visualization and Workflow Automation … in one software platform.

An integrated suite of flexible and scalable intelligent technology

Transforming user experience in decision making,
collaboration and strategy formulation.

The EACIIT Advantage
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A new world of data insights, efficiencies and
opportunities for your organization

Fast, flexible, customised data solutions for all industries and companies.

From small & medium enterprises to global companies, niche BI applications to enterprise platforms, our modular application structure is scalable and adaptable to all types of business needs and goals.


Spend your time and resources building solutions, not another complex and costly data application

Optimize Costs, Improve Productivity, Increase Returns and Reduce Risk with better Data Information Insights.

A smarter approach to business issue and opportunity solving.

Significantly reduce cost, time and risk on design and delivery of Big Data application solutions.

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